The Angus Show 2022


THE ANGUS SHOW 2022 - Saturday 11th June 2022

Industrial Schedule


Ladies & Gents Section

£12 per person/entry form

Please fil in your entry forms online using the links below. A copy of the entry form can be downloaded here 2022 Industrial Schedule.

TROPHIES AND SPECIAL PRIZES (Ladies, Gents & Novice Section)

The Condor Cup – For most points in the Ladies Section Overall
The Taylor Cup – For most points in Baking
The Croll Trophy – For most points in Handicrafts
The A.A.A. Salver-(Represented) For most points in Needlework to accompany Misses Fletcher Prize of £5
The Bloomfield Rose Bowl (Represented) For most points in Produce to accompany Misses Fletcher Prize of £5
The Mrs Michael Struthers Trophy – For most points in Floral Art (Classes 31 to 35)
The Scottsacre Trophy – For the best novice entry in the Novice Section
Angus Agricultural Prize £10.00 – To accompany each of the above Trophies
Outstanding Exhibit Prizes £10.00 – In Baking, Produce, Needlework, Handicrafts, Floral Art & Novice

POINTS                    3pts for First, 2pts for Second and 1pt for Third in each Class

PRIZE MONEY         Classes   1-40          1st £3.00, 2nd £2.50, 3rd £1.00


CLASS 1 A Small Container Hummus
CLASS 2 A Salad Dressing
CLASS 3 A Jar of Chilli Jam
CLASS 4 A Jar of Raspberry Jam
CLASS 5 A Small Flask of Pea & Mint Soup
CLASS 6 An Individual Cold Sweet
CLASS 7 A Small Bottle of a Cream Liqueur
CLASS 8 A Broccoli Salad


CLASS 9 3 Florentines
CLASS 10 3 Chocolate Brownies
CLASS 11 A Small Loaf of Soda Bread
CLASS 12 A Slice of Vegetable Cake
CLASS 13 3 Custard Tarts
CLASS 14 3 Peppermint Creams
CLASS 15 A Slice of Fruit Loaf
CLASS 16 3 Cheese Straws
CLASS 17 Show Stopper Marzipan Model (no more than 500g too be used)


CLASS 18 Something New from Something Old
CLASS 19 A Table Runner
CLASS 20 A Knitted Hat
CLASS 21 Crochet Poppy
CLASS 22 Cross Stitch Bookmark
CLASS 23 Shopping Bag (Sewn)
CLASS 24 Draught Excluder
CLASS 25 A Headband


CLASS 26 A Door Stop
CLASS 27 A Photograph 5”x7” (unframed) ‘Woodlands’
CLASS 28 A Decorated Flower Pot
CLASS 29 Handmade Soap
CLASS 30 A Painting (any medium)

Floral Art

CLASS 31 Fresh Foliage Arrangement 24”x24” (Driftwood may be used)
CLASS 32 Fresh Arrangement using 3 Blooms
CLASS 33 Fresh Arrangement using White, Yellow & Lemon
CLASS 34 An exhibit to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee
CLASS 35 Bowl with Floating Flower Heads

Novice Section (New Entrants Only)

CLASS 36 A Fresh flower arrangement in a vase
CLASS 37 3 Scones
CLASS 38 A Savoury Dip
CLASS 39 A Cross Stitch Kit
CLASS 40 Decorated Flowerpot

Children's Section

£4 per person/entry form


The Jockey Jan Katie Wilson Prize – For most outstanding exhibit in the under 5 years section not to have a 1st Prize.
The Jockey Jan Katie Wilson Prize – For the best miniature garden in age 5 – 9 years section
The Jockey Jan Katie Wilson Prize –For most outstanding exhibit in the age 10-16 years section not to have a 1st Prize
The Dorothy Pert Perpetual Trophy – For most points in Young Persons Section (10 to 16 years)
The Dorothy Pert Trophy – For most points in Young Persons Section (5 to 9 years)
The Anne Marie Sim Trophy – For most points in Young Persons Section (Under 5 years)
The Angus Agricultural Prize £5.00 – To accompany each Dorothy Pert Trophy and Anne Marie Sim Trophy
A.A.A. Cups – For most outstanding exhibit in each Young Persons Section (accompanied by £2 Prize)

POINTS                    3pts for First, 2pts for Second and 1pt for Third in each Class

PRIZE MONEY         Classes 41-53      1st £2.00, 2nd £1.50, 3rd £1.00

Under 5

CLASS 41 A Footprint Picture (A4)
CLASS 42 A Collage (A4) – seasonal
CLASS 43 A Decorated Crown to Celebrate Platinum Jubilee


CLASS 44 A Paper Plate Animal Mask
CLASS 45 A Decorated Wooden Spoon
CLASS 46 A Miniature Garden in a Seed Tray
CLASS 47 Decorated Gingerbread Man
CLASS 48 A Lego Model (free form)


CLASS 49 Upcycled Bottle
CLASS 50 Lego Model (Free Form)
CLASS 51 Origami Item
CLASS 52 A Photograph (Working Machines)
CLASS 53 3 Pancakes

Exhibits to these classes will be received in the Industrial Marquee on the evening of Friday 10th June from 6pm to 8pm and up to 8-30 am on Saturday 11th June. They must not be removed until after the prize giving has taken place on Saturday 11th June.

Exhibitor’s cars must be removed from the Marquee area to the car park provided, by no later than 8-30a.m. on Saturday 11th June.

This is a Health & Safety ruling and must be adhered to. The Marquee will be closed to the public at 8:45 a.m. Judging will commence at 9:15am on Saturday 11th June and will re-open at 11am.

Presentation of Trophies will be at approx. 3p.m. on Saturday 11th June in the Industrial Marquee, Prize Money will be distributed at the same time.

Exhibitors in this section are allowed only one entry per class. All Exhibitors must use official labels and entries must be their own work not previously exhibited at The Angus Show. In the event of a tie for Trophies, the exhibitor with most 1st prizes will win. If a tie situation remains, 2nd prizes and then 3rd prizes will be counted. Only then will outstanding exhibit prizes be counted.

NOVICE SECTION: Please see our new novice section.  If you haven’t entered the show before now is your time. The novice section is open to new entrants only (i.e. those who have not entered any section in the industrial section ever before), if you enter the novice section you cannot enter any other sections of the industrial tent at this year’s show. A prize will be given to the competitor with the most points.

All queries must be directed to the secretary on Tel No 07772 770639.


Sarah Mather, Balquharn, Fern

Linda Smeaton, Valleyfield, Letham

Victoria Alexander, South Draffin, Letham.

Laura Guthrie, 43 Lubbock Park, Brechin

Caroline Smith, Dalmoy, Kirriemuir

Sarah Reid, Newmill of Balgavies

Fiona McDonald, Milton of Conon, Carmyllie

Passes will be posted to competitors in May and blue display cards are to be collected from the Industrial tent when delivering exhibits and attached there.