The Angus Show 2024


THE ANGUS SHOW 2024 - Saturday 8th June 2024

Vintage Vehicles

Vintage Vehicle Schedule *ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED*

You can add your entries online using the links below, alternatively, you can download a copy of the Entry Form here.

Entry £5 per Vehicle/Implement

1 Entry Pass & One Vehicle Pass will be issued per Entry Form

Extra Tickets can be purchased in advance at a cost of £10 for Entry Pass & £1-50 for Car Park.

Entries Close: FRIDAY 10TH MAY 2024


CLASS 1Vintage Tractor (Diesel) Veteran/Vintage 1900 to 1957
CLASS 2Vintage Tractor (Petrol/Paraffin) Veteran/Vintage 1900-1957
CLASS 3Post Vintage Tractor 1958 to 1964
CLASS 4Classic Tractor 1965 Onwards (without Q Cab)
CLASS 5Classic Tractor 1965 Onwards (with Q Cab)
CLASS 6Concours & Modified Tractor of any age
CLASS 7Vintage Implement
CLASS 8Best Unrestored Tractor of any age & any fuel
CLASS 9Vintage & Classic Commercial Vehicle
CLASS 10Vintage and Classic Cars
CLASS 11Vintage  and Classic Motorbike
CLASS 12Stationary Engine Open/Closed Crank
CLASS 13Best Angus Registered Vehicle
CLASS 14Best Tractor in Show (Winners of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8)

For Class 6, “Concours” will follow the Band 6 definition provided in Tractor and Machinery i.e. “These are concours tractors that have been gone right through and are finished to perfection, but not customised”. Modified tractors of any age should also be entered in this class.

All Angus registered vehicles (i.e., those displaying a “SR” registration area code on the number plate) will be automatically entered into Class 13 Best Angus Registered Vehicle. There is therefore no need to submit a request to be entered into this class.

Best tractor in show: All winners in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 will be judged in the main ring during the tractor parade for the Best Tractor in Show trophy. There is therefore no need to submit a request to be entered into this class.

Exhibitors enter at their own risk – Angus Agricultural Association will not be held responsible for any accidental loss or damage, personal loss or injury during the show or in transit to/from show. Stationary engine exhibitors please note that only exhibits are permitted within the exhibition area – all support vehicles are not permitted within this area.